Just a brief update regarding HABE 2:

I have just sent off for permission to launch the balloon from the CAA. I have specified the last weekend in February and the first 2 weekends in March. I have two main doubts currently:

1) Will I complete the payload on time. There is still a LOT to do and none of the code that I have written has been fully tested yet. If a fairly major bug is present in the code then it will require a significant amount of time debugging.

2) Wind conditions – It’s a very windy time of the year and the high altitude winds tend to blow in the wrong direction (west to east) at this time of the year. Hopefully they’ll be fine for given dates *fingers crossed*.

A note on the side; if you haven’t already noticed there is now a brand new page called “Checklist” where you can track my progress. “Check” it out ;)…. (it’s in the toolbar at the top if you can’t find it!).